Prayer Request – Peacefulness in Heart, Mind and Spirit

Tropical View HDR

Image by Rick Collier via Flickr

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of man and woman as they take to the streets expressing fear and frustration.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of Law Enforcement to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Angels we ask you calm the hearts and minds of all Leaders everywhere in all the lands.

Angels we ask you still the waters, the air and the Earth beneath our feet.

Angels in you name we ask for peacefulness in heart, mind and in Spirit.


Prayer Request for Animals Everywhere

Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) in Modoc Count...

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Angels we ask you to protect and care for the animals of this world

Angels we ask you protect all the young of the four-legged, two–legged, the creepy crawlers and the winged ones

Angels we ask you to provide food to all animals large and small

Angels we ask you to provide shelter from the heat, the cold, the elements of nature

Angels we ask deliver from all who cause harm to animals, animals in the wild or domesticated

Angels we ask you keep all animals healthy and safe understanding there is a natural order of things that is part of the ways of things

Angels we give thanks for all you do for all of us, for all animals of this planet, in the air, on land and in the waters


Prayer Request – Peace, Harmony, Healing

Dresden Hofkirche

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Angels we ask for peace in all places and in all situations

Angels we ask you to calm the inner-spirit of all who are feeling out of balance in any way

Angels we ask that all negative energies, all thoughts and emotions become calm before taking action in any way

Angels we ask you to bring harmony and compassion to all people, all animals, all sentient Beings

Angels we ask for healing. Healing for all who have no homes, who are hungry physically or Spiritually.

Angels we ask for healing of heart, body, mind and Soul.

Angels we ask for healing for friends and family who suffer loss of someone special and loved

Angels we ask all this and more.

Angels we give thanks for the many blessings seen and unseen.


Prayer Request – Patience During Times of Transition

Angels we ask for patience during times of transition from where we are to where are to be

Angels we ask for guidance and support

Angels we ask you teach us to trust in ways we may not completely understand

Angels we ask you lead us to the edge of all we have ever known with complete faith that the way is being revealed to us with every step

Thank you for understanding the ways of being Human and for your unconditonal love



Prayer Request – Peacefulness and Serenity

Angel of Peace

Image by Lawrence OP via Flickr

Angels we ask you to infill our hearts, minds and Spirit with peacefulness.

Angels we place into your open hands all our cares and worries knowing your loving guidance is always showing us the way.

Angels our plea is simply yet profound, we ask for peacefulness. We ask for serenity as we go about our daily lives.

Thank for hearing, honoring and having already granted our request.


Prayer Request – Surrender Fear of the Unknown

Machu Picchu

Image by b00nj via Flickr

Angels there are many who seek the light. Many who seek protection. Many who seek love. Many who see forgiveness.

Angels we ask you to help each one of us face all that is happening within and around us.

Angels we ask you to help us surrender to fear, fear of the unknown. All that once was, no longer is.

Angels we ask you to help us remove the burden of having to understand all things.

Angels we ask you to help us step forward along the path as it continues to unfold before us.

Angels we ask for your guidance, to hear, see, sense your messages easily and clearly.

Angels we thank you for your unconditional love, support and guidance as we journey this realm.

Thank you.


Prayer Request – Calm the Waters, Still the Lakes, Rivers and Streams

Angels we ask and give thanks for the safety of all where the waters rise beyond safe and appropriate levels

We ask you to help Mother Earth absorb and store much needed rains till they are once again needed in the summer months

We ask you spread calm and compassion over the lands near and far to all who read these words to all who add their prayer and healing energy with yours

We ask you infuse each heart with loving kindness to all who feel themselves in peril on land or sea

We ask you moe the rains, shift the rivers to drier lands quenching the thirst in places where the rains are needed

We ask you to calm the shift his world moves through

Thank you for hearing and granting this request and so much more


Prayer Request – Extinguish the Fires

Please send prayers for protection against the fires in Texas.
See homes, families, and animals shielded from harm.
See the fires controlled, contained and extinguished.
See the land and all life returned to wellness.
with the light of love…
As you all may know the central part of Texas, around Austin area (Bastrop), has been devastated with wildfires since yesterday, leaving 450 homes destroyed so far along the 14,000 acres this fire has covered until now. The 35 mph winds have inhibited the efforts of the firefighters to extinguish this fires, so they remain uncontained.

This is a call to all angels to please visualize the fire being controlled on a upward spiral so it stops from spreading, as well as all homes around the area being shielded and protected by surrounding white light. Also, project loving energy to the wind beings so they can grow calm and help stopping the winds.

Love and Blessings to all!
Lorena Seidel


Prayer Request – Healing Mother Gaia

Angels we ask you to calm the waters, soften the winds

Angels speak your word heal Mother Gaia, there are many who seek shelter from the rains and the winds

Angels grace us with your ever loving presence protecting all from harm

Angels we ask you to hasten the receeding of the waters and tides allowing the rivers, lakes and streams to return once again to normal heights.

Angels gift the ground, Mother Gaia with the ability to absorb more of the waters which seek to overflow the land

Angels gift all with your loving kindness and compassion for all this day all the days before us

Angels for this and so much more we give thanks



Prayer Request – Healing Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

Angels we ask for healing now this moment

We ask for healing of the body on all levels in directions of time and space

We ask and give thanks for healing all negative thoughts we carry about ourselves and others

We ask to healing our Spirit, our Soul essence with which we are connected to Divine Source

Angels we ask you to help us heal our heart space. There is much that is kept that no longer serves our higher and best, our Higher-Self.

Angels thank you for always being by our sides even in those moments when it appears as if we are alone.

We are grateful for your healing light and compassionate ways for wrapping us in your gossamer wings of unconditional love.