Angels – Angel Prince of Fire Nathaniel

Fire is the most powerful element of transformation and purification. There are four elements — Fire, Earth, Air, Water — each plays an integral and vital part in the process of purification.

The intensity of Fire energy, removes unwanted negative energy thoughts, beliefs and emotions collected and stored within the physical body.

Your Aura, the energy field that extends out from your physical body, is a mirror image  of all you feel and think.

During the purification process, Fire converts substance into smoke and ash. Air carries the smoke out into the Universe, dissipating negativity and magnetizing positive intentions. The remaining ashes are then given to Mother Earth and water dissolves what is left, nourishing earth.

Fire is Nature’s way of clearing, renewal and regeneration. The symbolic use of fire is a very quick and powerful way to cause change.

Nathaniel, Angel Prince of Fire, is also known as the Angel of Divinity, Gift of God and the Angel of Deliverance.

Call on Nathaniel to help you remove thoughts and emotions that distract you, causing fear and doubt to rise to the surface, invading everything you say and do.

When there is fear, there is dis-harmony, dis-content and ultimately, dis-ease. Dis-ease causes unrest and wanting to give-up in defeat, creating a never-ending cycle of fear and doubt.

You can ask Nathaniel to help you set your intentions with the highest vibration for your highest and best good, and for the good for all involved. To burn what you have written, light a white candle. Bury the ashes in the garden or sprinkle the ashes at the base of plant.

The Angel Prince of Fire is all about assisting you in renewal and regeneration, freeing you from the past.

He will lead you through the fires of a Dark Night of the Soul, helping you rise from the ashes of everything and everyone who has fallen away from you.

The burning creates space for new growth and Spiritual expansion, preparing you for that next step along your path.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, also known as the Angel Whisperer, has an Unusual and Highly Effective way of showing Heart Centered Men and Women how to show up more powerfully in their life, work, and business when they access their Ultimate Angel Dream Team!

Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing her amazing clients how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels.   Raise your inner vibration, your Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify your manifesting power.

Discover and explore practical, easy-to-use techniques, tips and tools to increase prosperity and abundance, with more harmony and less stress.  Discover to trust your intuition and gut feelings with a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence.

Her subtle, powerful insights create life-changing transformations from the inside out.   Terrie Marie has helped amazing men and women in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium New Zealand, and the United States.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms. has the unique ability to connect and communicate with Angels which makes her a highly sought after Angel Mentor and Angel Whisper.

Copyright 2015 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide Angel Lady Aurora, LLC

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