your belief in yourself real or just …

… Is your belief in yourself real or just lip service to help you feel better about yourself and what’s happening or not happening in your life?


Here’s what I mean — there is this one friend Bobby (not his real name) who has been saying he’s going to start giving readings on a professional level.

Bobby is good. In fact, it was Bobby who gave me a reading in 2001 when I was trying to figure out what my purpose was and what direction or path was the best for me. He helped me get re-connect and re-discover my intuitive gifts and start accepting what it is I came here to do.

Anyway, I see Bobby every few months and he always asks the same questions about getting a spot at the El Paso Psychic Fair as a reader. Here’s the sad part of this story … he’s never, ever going to do it — take that Leap of Faith — he doesn’t have really believe in himself.

Angel Sealtiel will help you believe in yourself enough to start that first step whether you’re just getting started, starting over or want to get to that next level in your life and work.

Ask Angel Sealtiel to help you become aware of your thoughts, emotions and your actions.

As you become more and more consciously aware of what you say to yourself and to others, you can begin to shift disbelief and a lack of self-confidence into belief and feeling more empowered.

If you want others to believe in you, first believe in yourself.

Would it be helpful for you to know who the Angels are that can guide you every step of the way? Watch your in-box tomorrow for all the juicy details.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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