Archangels: How Archangels Guide and Assist You Along Your Path

There are many ways archangels guide and assist you along your path both seen and unseen.

So many men and women on their Spiritual Path, have a very deep, burning, heart-felt yearning to know what their Life-Purpose is and how to fulfill that purpose.

Remember, you must ask Angels to help you. They are simply not allowed to interfere in your life, path or the lessons you agreed to learn for any reason — except — if your life is in grave danger and it’s not yet your time to transition from this life back into Spirit energy.

More specifically, Archangels can help you become more consciously aware of your intuitive gifts and skills, which help you weave through fear and doubt, uncertainty and confusion about what it is you came here to do and how to do it.

When you are genuinely open to your Life-Purpose, your path unfolds before you, around you and within you as if by magic.

This may sound like it’s not really real or tangible but this is how it has and continues to happen in my life. I was completely clueless about what was happening in the beginning. And you know what; it still feels that way sometimes.

The best way to explain or describe this is to share a story with you … The first time I became consciously aware of Angels and their magical ways being in my life and all around me, was in 2001. I kept this very close to my heart. I had absolutely no intention of ever breathing a word of this to anyone!

We all think we want — me included — to know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks or months. And for the most part, Angels will oblige us, giving us a glimpse of the possibilities that are in front of us in that very moment.

Sometimes we even think we really in truly want to know what’s going to happen down the road, around the corner so we can be prepared.

The truth is, if I had been privy to everything that would be required of me or that has yet to manifest, I would have said “NO!” shut the door and nailed it shut!

Had I been given the whole, complete preview — trials, stumbles, heartbreaks, set-backs, celebrations and triumphs — I wouldn’t be sharing this part of the journey with you now. I wanted to stay hidden and out of sight, in the shadows and most certainly in the background.

In the very beginning I wasn’t even aware there were different kinds of Angels or that they all have specialties.

The first part of this amazing journey was accepting that I am different, very sensitive to energy, and teaching myself how to be comfortable in my skin — the physical body being the vessel and channel through which Angel energy, guidance and messages would flow through me effortlessly, in time.

My path has been revealed each step of the way, one step at a time. Sometimes, these steps are easy. But in an effort to honor the commitment I made to the Angels who are guiding me even now, there have been countless Dark Nights of the Soul causing me to question everything — beliefs, what I thought, how to trust and what faith is and even the purpose of my having incarnated.

Even when you know what your Life-purpose is, don’t’ expect to know exactly how each step will unfold; there are many twists along the way. If we knew what was in store for us, most of us wouldn’t show up.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, also known as the Angel Whisperer, has an Unusual and Highly Effective way of showing Heart Centered Men and Women how to show up more powerfully in their life, work, and business when they access their Ultimate Angel Dream Team!

Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing men and women how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels.   Raise your inner vibration, your Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify your manifesting power.

She helps you discover and explore practical, easy-to-use techniques, tips and tools to increase prosperity and abundance, with more harmony and less stress.  The Angel Lady shows you how to trust your intuition and gut feelings with a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence.

Her subtle, powerful insights create life-changing transformations from the inside out.   Terrie Marie has helped amazing men and women in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium New Zealand, and the United States.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms. has the unique ability to connect and communicate with Angels which makes her a highly sought after Angel Mentor and Angel Whisperer.

When the Angel Lady is being interviewed or speaking to International audiences, her high energy ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, her unconditional love shines bright, and intuitive insights flow through her.  She creates sacred space to transform goals and dreams into reality.

Copyright 2014 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide Angel Lady Aurora, LLC

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