quick announcement and a favor …


We’ve VERY close to finishing our long-awaited Divine Magic: Nine Sacred Secrets of Divine Wealth Manual.

We — my Angel Guides and I — have been working in this for more than 7 months, but we are finally going to be completing this. We will be releasing it in mid-August.

This course will be completely focused on “Prosperity and Abundance.” It will include one printed manual, twelve audio recordings, Inner Reflection Assessment and Prosperity and Abundance Angels guided meditation. It is going to be a complete unveiling of everything we know about “PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE.”

We are going to reveal all the ways that we use to manifest more than enough to meet and exceed all our needs, with extra to keep and share, and we’re going to show you exactly how we keep our inner-wealth frequency high in nine life-zones.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and send it off to the printer, we need to make sure we have everything covered.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short-survey —there is really only one thing we want to as you …

Every thought, emotion and action directly affects your point of attraction energetically, the flow of prosperity and abundance into every area of your life and work.


Here are the quick questions ….

#1 – What are you two top-questions about Prosperity and Abundance that we absolute NEED to answer in our Divine Wealth course?

#2 – Do you trust your intuition or gut feelings?    Yes / no

#3 – Do you always give to others but find it difficult to receive?   Yes / no

#4 – Do you easily and consistently manifest what you want?  Yes / no

#5 – Why do you want to manifest prosperity and abundance in your life?

Please send your answers to 

 OR post your answers in the comments below.

Thank you!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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