Survey Results Are In!

Here’s a quick re-cap about the two survey questions I asked you for your help with.

The first survey was quite a few weeks ago, asking you which Angel Webinar you were most interested in first …

*Angels of Protection

*Manifesting Angels

The second was just a few days ago asking you which of these topics you were most interested in wanting to know more about.

Here are the topics I listed and also asked you if there was a topic that you were most interested in that wasn’t listed, to please share that with me too…

#1 – Angels of Angel Guides

#2 – Law of Attraction

#3 – Manifesting

#4 –  Prosperity and Abundance

#5 – Angel Dream Team

#6 – Angel Archetypes

#7 – Spiritual Connection

#8 – Life Purpose

#9 – Crystals

The results really surprised me in some ways and then when I took the time to really get a sense of what so many of you shared with me, it makes sense. I took things a step further and asked what about each of the topics that were chosen.

The webinars and topics are listed in the order in which they received the most “votes” or responses from you.

Angel Webinar survey Results:

#1 – Manifestation Angels

#2 – Protection Angels

Topics in Order of most “votes” received:

#1 – Angels of Angel Guides

#2 – manifesting

#3 – Life Purpose

#4 – Spiritual Connection

#5 – Angel Dream Team

#6 – Prosperity and Abundance

#7 – Law of Attraction

#8 – Angel Archetypes

#9 – Crystals

As promised here are a few of the comments that a few of you sent to me (I’’ not be mentioning names to maintain confidentiality) …

*Person One Wrote:

“Manifesting – Although I’ve realized a few times that I am manifesting almost instantly but when it comes to doing it in different areas it doesn’t work, because I cannot connect to my heart, there’s something blocking me to receive love, laugh and smile most of the times… How can I overcome that?

Life Purpose – I want to know if there’s a more specific purpose I have, other than I’d like to spread light and break the resistance to Love in all aspects using my Smile which is still deep there but I cannot access it permanently.

Angel Archetypes and Dream Team – How can I communicate with my Angels? How can I ask for support? I am looking forward to be more in touch with my Angel Dream team and get their guidance at every level, how can I do that?”

*Person Two Wrote:

“I would like to learn how can I request angels for me to prosper and have abundance of wealth, prosperity and happiness?”

*Person Three Wrote:

“How to raise my vibrations higher and how to remember I am dreaming. I am obsessed with crystals and spend a lot of time with them and at least one is with me everywhere I go. I use them for protection, grounding etc. I clean them and talk to them often.

I can’t really talk to anyone about it cuz they will think I am nuts and I am self taught and researching all of it online. I want to meet and speak to my higher self and also other angels.”

*Person Four Wrote:

“I can feel it in my spirit that I have a job to do and everywhere i go people are always telling me but I can’t shift this blockage around me to move forward.

I do feel the angels around me but can’t seem to connect with them properly. I am getting real fed up now of been stuck in the same position.”

Person Five Wrote:

“#1   Angels or Angel Guides
-1 How long will it take for me to connect with my Angels and what will I see, feel, and hear when I initially connect with them?
-2 How do I allow myself to open up freely to receive the signs and connections?  There are certain things that I grew up in and sometimes it is difficult for me to let my guard or protective instinct relax.  How can I fix that? How can I feel like I am totally open to trusting that what I am feeling or sensing is positive and not something else trying to trick or hurt?  I do know I am protected but sometimes that block that is engrained, I feel like there is something preventing me from moving forward and I am not sure what.

#5 – Angel Dream Team
-1 How do I know if I have discovered and connected with all members of my Angel Dream Team?
-2 When I meet my Angel Dream team will it be all at once or will they slowly come to me in their own time?  How can i open up to know that they are there with me? I guess part of that related to the above comments.  I am open to them, I want to know them, and I want to lose whatever it is that is holding me back.

#6 – Angel Archetypes
1- I am not sure what to ask about this one, only that I want to know more about them, more about how to know them.
2- How do I connect with them?  How do I know if I have connected to the ones that are meant to be part of my spiritual Angel Dream Team?

#7 Spiritual Connection
1- How do I get passed the fears that I have had ingrained in my mind so that I can have a peaceful core?
2- Sometimes when I try to meditate and reflect I feel like there is a box in the middle of my chest holding me back, I have been unable to open that box and free myself of the suffocating feeling, what can I do to discover what it is that is holding me back.  I will move forward.

#8 – Life Purpose
1- How do I really know what my life’s purpose is? How do I know I am on the right track?
2- Realizing that my life purpose is what I want to do be and accomplish how can I get rid of others pushing their agenda on me?

#9 – Crystals
1- I would like to know specific crystals for specific reason and how do I use them?”

Again, a very special, heartfelt “Thank You” to each and every one of you who took time out of your busy lives to help me help you .

In case this you didn’t receive either of the two email surveys asking for your choices, there’s still time to tell me what you want.

Angel Webinars: type in Protection or Manifest

To make this super easy just hit “reply” and type in the number or numbers in the email. Don’t see a topic you’re interested in, that’s Okay tell what you most want to know about.

#1 – Angels or your Angel Guides

#2 – Law of Attraction

#3 – Manifesting

#4 – Prosperity and abundance

#5 –  Angel Dream Team

#6 – Angel Archetypes

#7 Spiritual Connection

#8 – Life Purpose

#9 – Crystals

My intention … my agenda (yup everyone has an agenda even the Angel Lady!) is to be of service and become better at giving YOU what you want, that helps you start living your life and your dreams!

Thank you in advance for your time, energy and for telling me how I can better serve you.

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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