New Webinar: 5 Expert Secrets to Manifest More Money!

5 Expert Secrets to Manifest More Money!

*Free Live OnLine Webinar!*

Thursday, May 22. 2014


“When you let go of the Past, you open the door to manifesting your future.” Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



We all have a “Money Story” we tell ourselves.  And it’s something we tell to almost anyone who will listen!

For instance, you may have heard someone you know tell you all about their struggles to make ends meet? Or how bad the economy is these days?

Maybe you’re passing by two people talking and you hear things like — if only my husband / wife would get a better job things would be different.

The thing is, whenever someone shares their story about why they are broke or why they can’t take that vacation or maybe they are not sure how they are going to pay their bills this month. They are telling you their “Money Story.”

Here’s the sad and honest truth … whatever someone says about their finances is exactly what they are manifesting their finances to be.

Join me for this Free Webinar to find out how you can re-write your “Money Story” changing negative thought patterns into positive ones that support you instead of stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Click here to register today!

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