Angels – Guardian Angels and How They Help Guide and Protect You

What are Guardian Angels, what is their function and how do you have are just a few of the many questions men and women just like you have.

So let’s start at the very beginning and I’ll share with you my understanding of what and who Guardian Angels are and how many you have with you.

The moment you are conceived is when your Guardian Angels are with you. These special Emissaries of the Angelic Realm agree to be with you for your entire life.

Many times, the same Guardian Angels will be with you through your many lifetimes because these special messenger Angels stay with the same Soul throughout its journey.

There are many lessons and experiences that are learned and remembered. Some people believe we make agreements, Soul Agreements or Contracts to learn certain things, meet specific types of people and have particular experiences.

Every person has at least two Guardian Angels with them at all times. Some people have more than two, but everyone has at least two.

I am often asked how many Angels someone has around them. The total number of Angels with you at any given moment varies and depends on what is happening, if you have asked for help or need comfort and healing.

A person who works with Angels or asks for Angels to be with them, have more Angels than most people do simply because they ask for many Angels to be with them.

It is very simple to ask. All you need to do is say — Angels please come be with me — the next step is then being open to accepting that your request has been heard and then answered.

Angels aren’t allowed to interfere in your life for any reason and you must ask them for their help. The one and only time an Angel is allowed to interfere is if your life is in grave danger and it’s not your time to leave or transition from this life to the next.

Guardian Angels on the other hand have a little more latitude in the way they are allowed or have been given permission to help, guide and protect you.

These special Angel Emissaries are with you every step of the way, clearing your path, healing your broken heart, showing you alternatives to the issues, concerns and obstacles that you face each and every day.

Here are a few examples of how Guardian Angels help you:

*meet just the right person at exactly the right moment to help you with a project or solve a problem

*find yourself being delayed from leaving your home or office and you feel as though you may be late for an appointment then you find out there was an accident on the street or highway you were going to use and now you have the opportunity to miss being stuck in all the traffic

*accidentally discover where to find the right information you need for that report, sales copy or book you are writing

*magically find something you’ve been searching for and were sure it was lost forever

*by comforting you when you are sad or lonely

*by guiding you away from someone, doing something or even kept away from a particular event or party, no matter how much you want to go

That has actually happened to me more than once. I have wanted to go someplace only to be re-directed or guided away from an event that I wanted to attend. In the beginning, I would try to force things to happen the way I wanted and then wonder why the results were less than desirable.

Not any more, I simply allow myself to go with the flow of their energy and do something else instead. I know that there is something or someone that I don’t need to experience. In the beginning,

While it can be frustrating to not be able to go somewhere or connect with certain people, trust that your Guardian Angels know more than you do and are protecting or shielding you from something that isn’t for your highest and best good.

Your Guardian Angels know you better than you know yourself. They know what you want in greater detail than you can possible express in words or through your emotions.

If you will allow yourself to be guided, you will have more harmony and less stress in your life. You will experience more synchronicity and things that appear to coincidence than you can possible imagine!

Take a deep breath, take a step back and allow your Guardian Angels to guide you, protect and comfort you. Open your mind and your heart to these amazing Angels and watch your life, your dreams and goals start to manifest in ways you never thought!

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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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