How to Get More Visibility, Increase Your Influence, and Get More Referrals


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Here is an excerpt from Adam Urbanski’s Article:

How to Get More Visibility, Increase Your Influence, and Get More Referrals

Earlier today I was helping a client develop a better strategy to generate more referrals from local businesses. While that particular client owns an orthodontic practice, the ideas I gave him will work equally well in your business.

Before I tell you the specifics, let’s first establish two premises:

1. Other entrepreneurs don’t care about helping you as much as they care about building their own business. 2. In order to maximize the return on your time invested into networking with local professionals, you need to stop thinking one-to-one and start thinking one-to-many. Keeping those two things in mind let’s explore for a moment how most professionals approach building a strategic referral partnership.

The “let’s have lunch” strategy.

Frankly I hate wasting my precious time on chit-chatting with strangers over a so-so meal. There is just too much involved for too little in return. There is coordinating of the schedules, commute time, schmoozing and “learning” about each other’s business (most often it’s like probing for the best way to squeeze in one’s pitch for their service or product).  Finally, after 45 or 60 minutes of this “conversation”, comes the dreaded experience of soliciting referrals. It goes somewhat like this: “So, now that you know what I do, who do you know that you could send my way?” Yuck! This can be draining at best and un-dignifying at worst!

To view the entire article click here,-Increase-Your-Influence,-and-Get-More-Referrals&id=47531&inf_contact_key=ba8601b4864761c189b2ead0dc1ea29e209812e3d056e6d27f6a360d70fac5a2

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