My VIP Day with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, D.Ms.

“I had a Discovery Session with Terrie Marie knowing what I needed to work on — tapping into my Goddess Energy. As we had our session, Terrie Marie listened, asked great questions and answered with a plan. What was really inspiring at that moment was how aligned she was with what I, as the potential client needed. We spoke about a few of her plan options. I knew I wanted to be on the fast, quick path so I signed up for a VIP Day followed up with her 3-Month Ruby Coaching Program. At the point I made the decision to sign-up I already experienced shifts and positive experiences during my day!

Two days later I received my VIP Day box, which I knew she mailed out the same day I signed up for the programs — I could feel I was in her abundant, radiant, joyful energy! At the end of the week we had my VIP Day. That was the key, to keep the movement flowing, the actions happening.

MY VIP Day with Terrie Marie was expansive, radiant and beautiful. I could feel Terrie Marie creating a space for us together like a pure, clean, flowing stream with a rainbow over it. She is so pure, clear, and in integrity with all that she does. It is a joy and pleasure to hear her listen to her guides and Angels, and she so lovingly communicates the information. That is truly a gift. The focus of my VIP Day was on what I needed and Terrie Marie is so well versed in ways of communicating to make I received what I needed. I can see that she can work with many types of client needs; I was only one client with a specific need.

I experienced major, life changing shifts, and I’m not just saying that! I am willing to do the work and Terrie Marie provided the space and the tools for me to create! I love that!

The investment in Myself is priceless. Terrie Marie’s services are well worth the investment and you will be amazed at how good you feel, how much you learn and how much support you receive …. from Angels too! Monica Heiz – Business Owner: Forest Hills, New York”

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