Spiritual Expansion – Remember Who You Are


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Your truth of who you are is as unique as you are and it is Universal. In truth you are a Spiritual Being experiencing life in physical form. What does this mean? In my understanding, it means we are all light and love. To shed more clarity, allow me to share with you my thoughts, what I sense as truth for many Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers to include myself.

Whether this is your first incarnation into physical form or you have chosen to incarnate many, many times, at your very core you are unconditional love radiating light. Being or expressing all that you are without condition is indeed a challenge as you walk in this realm of dense physical matter.

At times you experience unkindness from others. You see, feel, hear and sense things on a different level than anyone who chooses to remain awakened. Meaning there are two choices, to awaken to your truth and expand your sense of conscious awareness or you choose to sleep-walk through this journey.

There have been many lessons in how to behave, what not to say and how to express your emotions. In other words, it is highly possible you have been taught to dishonor what you brought with you. You have been taught to deny yourself, to question what you hear, feel, sense and see.  You have been taught to fit in at all costs.

You have gifts, intuitive gifts. In reality, every living human person has the same innate gifts of sight, sound, emotion, taste and smell. In effort to be like others, many Light-Workers have attempted to block their gifts and in some instances turn-off all they are.

For many years I attempted to be like others. It did not work well for me. What does this mean for you? This I cannot say, I can however speak about my experiences. It felt as if no matter what I did or didn’t do, I never quite fit in. I was never quite comfortable in the skin that defines the boundaries of physical matter.  I did not really understand the games people play with words, emotions and actions.

Spirituality is a way of life. It is not something that can be turned on or off. Being Spiritual is something that simply is. I am a Spiritual Being, a Sentient Being experiencing life in
physical form.

As you learn or discover how to speak your truth to yourself, the rest begins to radiate from within your core essence. You need not ever speak your truth out loud. That is not a requirement to travel the path before you. It is essential you become real with you. If you cannot speak your truth to you, then you will find it difficult to travel your path with clarity. You will experience many distractions and disruptions which create energy blockages.

Are you willing to be defined by the limited thoughts and projections of others around you? The only person who can limit you is you. Go within; be willing to go deep within your
inner-Self revealing your truth of who you truly are. You are light. You are love.  You are connected with Divine Source.

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  1. Daniel Akyea Asamani says:

    My love thank you, you let me know my way in life, I am now feeling fine to walk in life.

  2. Hello Daniel,
    It isn’t always easy to walk the path, the path that is in your heart. It is easier than denying who you are. Remember to breathe to sit in the stillness as you heal what is now behind you looking forward taking one step at a time.
    Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
    Terrie Marie
    the Angel Lady

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