Spiritual Expansion – What Are Universal Laws

Heart of Swans

Image by Darragh Sherwin via Flickr

There are many types of laws, man-created and those which are universal and are all encompassing crossing all manner of boundaries. Universal Laws are Spiritual Truths which resonate within your Soul such as Unconditional Love and Acceptance. This is not to say that honoring Universal Laws is not without challenges.

As with all things, situations, experiences, people and circumstances there are challenges. Challenges include but are not limited to shifting thought patterns and emotional set-points or mind-sets.

The Law of Attraction is one of many Universal Laws. Like attracts like, energy that is negative attracts more negative energy. Conversely, positive energy attracts to it or the person
radiating positive energy more of the same. Whatever you focus upon you will attract more of the same to you.

Think about it for a moment, if your energy is out of balance it affects your thoughts and your emotions. As you continue to focus upon pain, sorrow or disappointment you begin to
experience more pain and sorrow.  As you express gratitude, you begin to notice and become aware of more things, situations and people in your life to be grateful for.  This is a universal, a Spiritual truth.

Whether or not you believe or are aware of all Universal Laws, they affect your life. Meaning, if you do not like where you are at this moment you have the choice to shift your perception, your thoughts and your emotions. This is not to say that you must bend to another’s choice for you. Shifting you how see and feel creates a shift within your very core, causing shifts in perception and that which manifests in to physical form.

It is my understanding that many share similar beliefs which guide each of us along the path before us. There is that which resonates, our truth which sets us on a journey to expand conscious awareness, empowerment and a sense of awakening and that which does not resonate.

Another Universal Law reads As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. For many years I did not fully understand what this statement meant. I have a deeper knowing that for me it means if you radiate darkness and shadow you will only see the darkness, the darkest places in a person’s Soul. If choose to acknowledge there is light and shadow within you knowing the Spark of Divinity shines brightly, you will see the same within others. You will attract to you people and circumstances which reflect or mirror that which radiates from within you.

This begins a series of articles in which we will explore many Universal Laws. I encourage you to be open to all that is shared with you. Keep what resonates and let the rest flow
past you knowing it will lead you to where you need to be. Your path is yours and yours alone. No two paths are identical.

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