Prayer Request – Extinguish the Fires

Please send prayers for protection against the fires in Texas.
See homes, families, and animals shielded from harm.
See the fires controlled, contained and extinguished.
See the land and all life returned to wellness.
with the light of love…
As you all may know the central part of Texas, around Austin area (Bastrop), has been devastated with wildfires since yesterday, leaving 450 homes destroyed so far along the 14,000 acres this fire has covered until now. The 35 mph winds have inhibited the efforts of the firefighters to extinguish this fires, so they remain uncontained.

This is a call to all angels to please visualize the fire being controlled on a upward spiral so it stops from spreading, as well as all homes around the area being shielded and protected by surrounding white light. Also, project loving energy to the wind beings so they can grow calm and help stopping the winds.

Love and Blessings to all!
Lorena Seidel

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