Angels Guide Your Footsteps Along Your Path

There are many choices, many opportunities to express your true self, your inner essence which is light and love.  True there have been many unpleasant experiences along the way bringing you to where you are in this moment. True there will be experiences in the days ahead that will not be to your liking.

You have the choice to see, feel, act and interact differently not only with others around you but also with yourself. What does this mean? It means, if you continue to do to the very same thing, have the same thoughts, the same emotional reaction to what is currently happening in your life very little will change. True, things always change. They will however, change much more slowly. Have you ever noticed that while you believe you are meeting new people, experiencing new situations that with a little time how the same scenario tends to repeat itself in the end?

If you are merely changing your physical surroundings and not doing the inner-work very little will truly change. All that is occurring in your life in physical form is a direct correlation to what is or is not  happening within you, your thoughts and in your heart center. Your energy, your inner-energy is a direct, physical manifestation in to physical form.

Be willing to step out beyond all you have ever known. Be willing to come to the edge of all that is now behind you. Be willing to breathe releasing the past and all that no longer serves you now. Yes, there  will be many who choose to fade out of your life. Yes, there will be times it will cause great discomfort, pain and sorrow, and yet you know, you just know you can no longer stay where you find yourself in this moment.

A Message from the Guardian Angel of Focused Intention*

There are many distractions along the path before you.  Look around you; acknowledge all that is a part of your life in this moment.  Look around you; keep your sight upon that which you desire most.  Each step along the path before you has the potential to be of value.  There are no mistakes.  There are no coincidences, only that which coincides one with the other. Where is it that you see you?  What do you see for you?  With whom do you see yourself?  Focus upon that which you desire.  Focus upon the joy of having, being, doing that which you desire. Express gratitude for all you are blessed with this moment.
Express joy in the giving of you first to yourself to others. Celebrate this moment for there is much to be thankful for. Focused intention on that which is for your highest and best good is one of many ways in healing you, your inner-Self. That which is before you, is the manifestation of all that has come before.  This we say to you, if you wish things to change, change the things you focus upon making way for all you desire to manifest along the path before you.  All shall be made manifest more completely, more lovingly and with joy.  Begin to look around you seeing all things which flows one into the other. Be aware of where you are in this moment.  Be aware of where you want to be.  Be aware of where you focus your energy.  Re-focus your thoughts and your emotions. Be aware of all around you giving thanks for all that has come before making way for all that is yet before you.  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Begin where you are, choosing to change or transform one thing, one behavior, one thought or one emotion.  Choose something that you will be able to stick with. As you change or shift your energy with this one thing, everything around you begins to shift. It is not possible to shift one thing or area in your life and it not affect all things, all areas.

It takes the willingness to be vulnerable and courage to come out of the box you have held yourself for far too long attempting to be like others. You are a Spiritual Seeker. You are a Light-Worker. It is time to
step into the light for there is no staying where you are. There is no going back.

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  1. Rose Wizzard says:

    I Concur!
    Brlliantly Inspirational!.
    For many years, I have attempted to ‘fit in’ and mask Who I am. I would suggest that this behaviour is a precursor to ill health, mental distress or mental illness for some. Definitely for me! I have made the shift and believe it is true that not only can this cause vulnerability and discomfort for you, but observe how the shift or change in you causes instability, & distress in others.This may be be loved ones, colleagues or friends. I maintain that, for me, ‘they’ know or define themselves in relation to ‘you’ and your decision can leave them feeling bereft.

    So, when you make the ‘leap’ or decide to get ‘out of the box’ be mindful of the ramifications, not only for you but for others (who may spend much of their time ‘encouraging’ you to return to where you once were!).

    Is it worth it? Well, recently I have lost employment, ended a 11 yr relationship, been abused, been arrested, been committed to hospital, forceable medicated, at risk of losing my home, facing litigation…why tell you this? Just to reiterate how choosing to change can bring discomforts, in many areas of your life…But I am happy. I am Free! I Love Life, I love Rainbows

    Have Strength and Courage.
    With Love, Peace and Harmony


    • Rose,
      Know you are protected and guided each and every step of the way.
      When you come to the edge of everything you have ever known, and
      step off in to the unknown, trust there will be stones to step upon OR
      you will be taught to fly.
      Begin or continue the healing process giving thanks for the many
      experieinces coming into your life in this moment. It will soften
      the effects of all that is happening.

      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessigns,
      Terrie Marie
      the Angel Lady

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