Tip of the Week – Psychic Attack

As you travel your path there are going to be situations, experiences which tend to anger, irritate or frustrate you. Depending on “where you are” in the moment you will be able to recognize your thoughts before they are projected through energy to the person who has caused a “spike” in your energy.

Each of us is becoming more and more aware when others “attack us mentally” with thoughts or emotions. Being in physical form, unless of course you find yourself on a mountaintop in the middle of “no one around you ever” you are going to experience irritation, frustration, anger, hurt, disappointment from time to time. What you do with these emotions is what is important.

In my way of understanding, expressing your emotions, honoring where you are is not the same as continuing to “stew” in your thoughts of anger, of betrayal of having been hurt. Honoring your emotions is essential to your overall health and well-being and for healing.  Being aware of your thoughts is being aware that you are recognizing where you are while you are healing from the disagreement, from the experience of pain and sorrow.

If you find you continue to have or experience feelings of being harmed in any way, of being angry with someone else recognize you are attacking that person with your negative energy, your negative thoughts. Be observant of your thoughts your emotions.

If you are the one who is experiencing Psychic Attack, allow you to come from your heart center, project or send loving rose energy back to the person who is “attacking” you. Becoming angry yourself does not serve you, it does not stop the attack instead it feeds the negative energy being “sent” to you through thought energy.

Be aware of what you are doing to yourself and to others. Stop, listen, release.

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Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide


the Angel Lady

(C) Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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