Archangels – Archangel Metatron Angel of Mankind

Shekinah Metatron Sirius

Image by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn via Flickr

All forms of life, animate and inanimate are forms of energy.  Each thought, emotion, experience, situation creates its own energy frequency.  In keeping with the thought and the truth that there is no good nor no bad, only that which creates harmony or chaos, we come to realize the necessity of purifying our bodies, our minds, and our energy bodies.

Have you ever experienced being in a pleasant frame of mind one moment only to feel as if your entire mood, your vibration has suddenly shifted to one of unease? It is very possible you may have walked through someone else’s negative energy. Energy of all kinds forms or collects. Each one of us walks through energy; we create and project energy of our own. Our thoughts produce energy which manifests in one form or another into emotions or thoughts of like kind, which in turn manifest or create more of the same. Is it possible to recognize, to acknowledge there are moments when the spiral of thoughts and emotions continue to take you along a path you would rather not travel?

Archangel Metatron, whose name means, “He Who Walks with God”, will assist you in cleansing and balancing all your Chakra Energy Centers in your physical body, Aura and Ethereal Energy Bodies.

Releasing the energies of all that has come before is essential in releasing you and all concerned from continuing to exchange energy which no longer serves anyone’s Higher Self.  Aligning your Major Chakra Energy Centers is pivotal in releasing stagnant, negative energy. Imagine being able to release all thoughts, all emotions connected to all you no longer desire to carry in your mind, your heart or in your physical body. All forms of energy carried in physical form collects and are stored in your Aura, in all layers of your Ethereal Energy Bodies.

A Message from Archangel Metatron*

Behold child of light, step from the shadows of darkness which strain to hold thee from thy good. Behold child of light, step from the shadows, taking your rightful place in peaceful contentment healing in all directions of time and space. Behold child of light; do not fear the unknown for it is your gift from the heavens, from all messengers of the Creator of All There Is. The unknown is not to be feared, it is to be embraced for there is much celebration of your contributions to yourself and to those you walk among.  Call upon me, I shall release all you carry within your heart, within your thoughts, all which no longer serves you. Behold child of light for there is much before thee. Express gratitude for all that has come before for it has brought you to where you stand now this moment. The foundation of what once was, no longer is. Rejoice for you are free, if you choose freedom. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Energy is constantly flowing in and out, within and around you. In the face of adversity, stop, breathe, begin again, releasing all that is not of love and light. Energy is light. Energy is love.  Give you the gift of stepping into the light with an open heart free from the bonds of all that has come before.

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