Archangels Michael Gabriel Zadkiel – Angels of Mercy

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Expressing mercy is being compassionate with your and with others.  Compassion is gifting another with a smile, a kind gesture such as opening a door, listening with open ears. Giving from the heart without expectation of reward is an expression of mercy. It is possible to empathize with another instead of pity.

There are many situations, many experiences we cannot possibly understand without walking in the shoes of another. We can extend courtesy, respect and loving kindness to ourselves as we experience challenges along the journey called life.

Path of Acceptance – A message from thee Angels of Mercy*

Gift your Self with forgiveness, patience, acceptance, laughter and joy. Gift your Self with love, peace, harmony. All are gifts of mercy. All are gifts given thee without measure, without condition. How then can you deny thy Self these gifts and more? How then can you deny the gift of mercy to another? Perhaps there is someone or something before you that is not to your liking….you have a choice of accepting that which is and turn your thoughts to love and light or cast more shadow and doubt. As you turn your thoughts to love and light, you are not turning a blind eye to what is before you. Instead you are choosing to see past surface appearances, seeing the Christ Light, the Light of Divine Source within each person. How another chooses to see, feel, or act is not yours to judge. This we say to you…choose how you shall travel the path before thee. You are protected always, enfolded in love and light, given courage and strength to do what needs to be done. We do not say you must stay where you are, surrendering to the will of others. We are saying travel with love and light, practice mercy upon thy Self and others. Accept where you are, keeping your eye on where you want to be. Be kind and loving this day. Mercy shall accompany thee all thy days. *channeled by Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

This is the 2nd in a series of 5 Blogs on thee Angels of Mercy. “Tune-in” Archangel Michael will be featured in the next Blog!

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